4 Reasons You Need a Strong Home Network

Woman on a video call in her home office.

Enjoy the Freedom to Work, Stream, Play, and More From the Comfort of Your Home  For the majority of Americans, daily internet access is a must-have. It allows people to access entertainment, connect with others, and power many of their favorite devices. And now more than ever, a strong home network is crucial. Check out…

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3 Essential Components of an Outdoor Security System

a security camera with a white casing installed outside a home.

Make Your Home’s Security Foolproof with These Technologies Contrary to what many believe, home security systems consist of more than just CCTV cameras. While it’s true that security cameras are the most fundamental part of the system, they aren’t the only thing that should be added to your Lawton, OK, home if you want a…

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Turn Up the Fun with Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

Sonance outdoor bullet speaker situated in a grassy yard with an in-ground subwoofer in the background.

Improve Your OKC Backyard Spaces This Summer – And Every Season! As the weather heats up in Oklahoma, so should your entertainment possibilities! Step outdoors to your patio or pool and enjoy your favorite media with a side of sunshine. With an outdoor entertainment upgrade on your OKC property, you can bring weather-resistant audio, video,…

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Should I Consider an Access Control System?

person attempting to access a door using a keypad entry system.

If You’re a Business Owner or Manager, The Answer Is Yes! Protecting the business is the number one priority for every owner or CEO, but enacting site-wide security measures can seem daunting if you don’t have the right security partner by your side. Access control systems ensure your valuable investments stay secured whether you’re on-site…

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Learn How to Use Your New Lighting Control System

A closeup of a Lutron lighting control system keypad above a kitchen countertop next to a door and window.

Coast Technology Group Covers Frequently Asked Questions in this Blog! A lighting control system gives homeowners the power of light at their fingertips. One-touch control of practically any fixture, preset lighting scenes according to a designated schedule, and an all-around more comfortable, convenient, and luxurious feeling at home is possible! Keep reading below to discover…

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Keep Your Meeting Spaces Connected with IT Support Services

Glass-walled conference room featuring overhead lights, TV display, and four employees around a meeting table.

Collaborate with Ease and Without Issues Thanks to Coast Technology Group When it comes to the modern workplace, collaboration is essential, especially with the huge shift to a hybrid workforce in many industries. Remote and in-office employees, vendors, and clients need a method of connecting like never imagined just a few short years ago. To…

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Here Are 3 Must-Have Security System Features 

father and son sitting together, looking at a tablet. In the foreground is an Alarm.com tablet interface.

Your Security Installation Adds Peace of Mind to Oklahoma Homes Though most homeowners don’t like to think about it, everyone’s property has a potential risk of break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other incidents that range from mere annoyances to downright dangerous. But how can you keep on top of what’s happening at your Lawton-area home while…

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Why Do I Need a Distributed Video System? 

Modern bar featuring wooden tables and tan recliner seats with a video display on the left showing a soccer game and a full bar on the right.

Learn How to Transform Your Business at the Tap of a Button Business is constantly evolving, and company owners need to stay on top of that evolution. That means updating your building and customer offerings with innovative features, such as music, eye-catching video displays, and more, to help them feel comfortable, no matter what type…

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A Quick Guide to Savant Home Automation 

Savant home automation lets you take full control of your home Jumping into home automation is a big step for many people, but not one to fear. Solutions from Savant, one the most innovative and respected home automation companies, are a great way to take the first step into smart home technology in your Tulsa, OK…

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A Managed Service Provider Keeps You Connected

3 Reasons Why You Need Coast Technology Group On Your Side We understand that every Oklahoma business is different. Each has unique budgetary, technological, and user-based needs and concerns when it comes to their networking and equipment requirements. To ensure both your employees and patrons are taken care of, enlist the help of a professional…

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