Here Are 3 Must-Have Security System Features 

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Your Security Installation Adds Peace of Mind to Oklahoma Homes

Though most homeowners don’t like to think about it, everyone’s property has a potential risk of break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other incidents that range from mere annoyances to downright dangerous. But how can you keep on top of what’s happening at your Lawton-area home while you’re sleeping, running an errand, at work, or taking a trip? The answer is intelligent surveillance and security technologies that are designed to be proactive. Preventing issues while protecting your loved ones and personal belongings is paramount for the society we live in these days.

Any security system installation must have the following three features for the utmost home protection in Oklahoma – keep scrolling below to find out what they are!

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Smart Surveillance Cameras

Gone are the days of grainy camera footage and switching out cumbersome VCR tapes to preserve surveillance footage that may be needed in the future. Modern-day surveillance cameras have improved dramatically over the last decade. High-end features such as artificial intelligence, thermal imaging, wireless and remote connectivity, and even license plate recognition are all features you should be on the lookout for when selecting the best-suited security cameras for your property.

There are various styles of cameras available, and each has a unique function and installation location where it’s most useful. Here are a few:

  • Pan-tilt-zoom – PTZ refers to the movements you can apply to the camera to see areas of interest more fully
  • Dome – a ceiling-mounted camera that sits in a dome-shaped housing
  • IP – these cameras send high-resolution footage via digital signal using Internet Protocol over a network
  • Bullet – direct this camera to a specific viewing area for a small footprint once installed

Remote Monitoring

In addition to reliable, top-performing surveillance camera features, a professionally installed system should offer remote monitoring capabilities as well. While on vacation or across town at work – or even while cozy in your bed – you can use an app on your smartphone to view live and previously recorded security camera footage. 

Notifications of motion alerts, alarm system arming and disarming, as well as any perimeter breaches, will all be sent to you. From there, you can decide how to respond to the situation or let the remote monitoring station make that call if you missed the alert! Knowing about what’s happening on your property brings incredible peace of mind. You can rest easier knowing your family and belongings are safer than ever before.

Whole-Home Integration

A security setup protects everything in your home that you hold dear to your heart, so integrating it into the rest of your smart home just makes sense. One tap of a button using your Savant home automation system can arm the security system, turn on exterior lighting for safety, turn off interior lights throughout the house, and lower every window treatment for additional privacy from peeing neighbors’ eyes. Installing a security system tied to your home’s technology management system is essential!

Are you interested in boosting your home security with a proactive solution? Reach out to our security experts for a solution tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started!