Why Do I Need a Distributed Video System? 

Learn How to Transform Your Business at the Tap of a Button

Business is constantly evolving, and company owners need to stay on top of that evolution. That means updating your building and customer offerings with innovative features, such as music, eye-catching video displays, and more, to help them feel comfortable, no matter what type of business you’re involved with!

So how can Bentonville, AR business owners and managers differentiate their business from every other one looking to make profits just the same as you? With distributed video solutions.

Keep scrolling below to discover three ways a system from Coast Technology Group not only sets your business apart from all the rest, but can also take one less thing off of your busy plate as a business owner!

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1. Systems Designed with Intention

From start to finish and even once our AV team leaves your commercial property, Coast Technology Group walks you through every step of the process and is there to support you. We start with a consultation that helps us learn what technologies would be best for your operations, your clientele, and your employees. After that, we craft a technology setup that is designed with intention. Later, we ensure your devices stay connected with remote service management and support.

2. Happier Clientele and Staff

Distributed video systems can work in a variety of industries. In bar and restaurant settings, let your patrons watch various sports games simultaneously without employees needing to fumble through multiple remotes to change the channel. In an office setting, presentations are a breeze, and digital sign management occurs in half the time it previously took. 

One tap of a finger can change the station, video source, adjust the volume and more! And our team is dedicated to crafting the perfect distributed video management system that is intuitive enough that everyone can figure it out with ease.

3. A Relationship That Lasts

A relationship with Coast Technology Group doesn’t end simply because your devices have been installed. We will train you and your staff on how to use your distributed video system, plus we provide customized service and support plans for any future technology issues. We hand over all as-built documentation and warranty information at the end of every project. You’ll have everything you need in the future should you decide to expand or change your distributed video system – even if you elect to work with a different company.

Your Bentonville AV Specialist

Whether it’s a conference room upgrade, a new AV setup, or a commercial security system, Coast Technology Group is here for you every step of the way! 

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