3 Essential Components of an Outdoor Security System

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Make Your Home’s Security Foolproof with These Technologies

Contrary to what many believe, home security systems consist of more than just CCTV cameras. While it’s true that security cameras are the most fundamental part of the system, they aren’t the only thing that should be added to your Lawton, OK, home if you want a robust security system. 

When it comes to home safety, multiple technologies combine their functionalities to ensure your home gets foolproof security. Read on to discover the three essential technologies that make up a smart outdoor security system.

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1. Surveillance Cameras

As mentioned earlier, surveillance cameras have always been essential parts of outdoor security. They cover every inch of your yard and other outdoor areas. However, today’s advanced cameras let you access the footage anytime and from anywhere using a smart device – like a smartphone or tablet. Smart cameras also detect unusual movement, use face recognition, and identify a wide range of objects like license plates and colors. If your cameras detect any threat, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile device. 

2. Alerts & Alarms

You can’t be everywhere at once, but your security system can. As soon as it spots any suspicious activity in your yard, it triggers the alarm system and you are contacted immediately. If the occurrence involves a break-in, the system can even alert the authorities. Just imagine the peace of mind you’ll have. No matter where you are – in bed, at the office, or miles away – your outdoor security system keeps constant watch of your home and ensures you are informed of any suspicious activity around your property. 

3. Outdoor Lights

Similar to motion-based surveillance cameras, you can also sync outdoor lights with your system. The lights illuminate your entire outdoor space as soon as someone passes by. In fact, your interior lights can turn on as well. 

Even when it gets dark outside, you can clearly see the face of an intruder – because your system casts light on everything. Furthermore, these lights offer dual functionality, especially if you have older citizens or young children at home. Outdoor lighting prevents unnecessary tripping and falling accidents around the pool or other outdoor entertainment features. 

Even if the lights aren’t sensor-based, you can always switch them on using your smartphone upon hearing suspicious sounds from your yard. 
The combined functionality of surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and outdoor lights completes your outdoor security system. If you want all these features to become a part of the security for your Lawton, OK home, Coast Technology Group is happy to help. We have more than two decades worth of experience and have served countless homeowners across Oklahoma. Start your project today by calling (580) 357-4482 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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