A Quick Guide to Savant Home Automation 

Savant home automation lets you take full control of your home

Jumping into home automation is a big step for many people, but not one to fear. Solutions from Savant, one the most innovative and respected home automation companies, are a great way to take the first step into smart home technology in your Tulsa, OK home. At Coast Technology Group, we rely on Savant for our residential control projects because of their wide range of solutions for lighting, security, entertainment, and more.

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Why Choose Savant?

Savant is a premium smart home system that can be completely customized for the way you live. Savant can control and integrate amenities like home theaters, lighting, whole home audio, and even pools and spas, all from a single intuitive interface that the whole family can use. 


One of the functions that we use every day and that often goes unnoticed is the light in our home. Without thinking, we turn lights on and off as needed, but what if these lights were automated and programmed to make the best use of them during the day? Or if the light at night changed from the morning light to help your body relax when you get home from work? All this is possible through Savant. From the app, you can control the light in your home to create the perfect scene for any activity.

Climate Control

Would you like to come home to a perfect temperature? A Savant system can manage your HVAC system for maximum efficiency yet still ensure you are comfortable when you get home. With Savant control, you can program powered blinds to close or open when you want to control heat gain or to maintain privacy. At any moment, change the setting with the touch of a button. 


With Savant, you have full control of entertainment and set the perfect environment for enjoying it. With “Movie Night” mode, you can dim the lights, turn on the projector and automatically recline the seats to enjoy your favorite movie. Want to host a sports night? No problem! With Savant video tiling, you can split the big screen into nine different sources at once!


Whether you use Savant for only one or all the available possibilities, it’s an excellent platform to turn your home into a fully automated home. Would you like to know more about Savant smart automation? Contact us!