Should I Consider an Access Control System?

If You’re a Business Owner or Manager, The Answer Is Yes!

Protecting the business is the number one priority for every owner or CEO, but enacting site-wide security measures can seem daunting if you don’t have the right security partner by your side. Access control systems ensure your valuable investments stay secured whether you’re on-site in Oklahoma or across the globe. Coast Technology Group can help you determine the best system for your Altus-area business.

Just as a home needs a security system, so does a commercial property. Keep reading below to learn how our team of business security experts can help you with access control technology.

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Customized to Fit Your Needs

There are various ways to protect commercial properties with access control technology, but not every solution may work for your business. That’s why speaking with a security professional like Coast Technology Group is vital before purchasing a system or device you found at the local big-box retailer. 

Several factors go into determining the best fit for your business, such as the size of your property, your employee count, and your budget. Our team will consider all of these, plus conduct an extensive on-site assessment to determine where to place access control devices such as biometric card readers, keypads, security cameras, and other valuable security components. 

Access Control Options

No matter your industry, there are undoubtedly areas of your business that you would like to limit access to. Managerial offices, safe rooms, server rooms, supply closets, and warehouses are just a few areas to which you may want to restrict access. With our robust access control systems, business owners can designate who can enter which spaces and when they are allowed to enter. 

That means employees can access staff-only areas during business hours but not once the building is closed for the day. It also means only HR staff can access the employee file room, and no patrons are allowed entry to the kitchen area of a business at any time. Designating user-based access permissions lets a business run more effectively and safely!

Types of Access

Biometric keypads that read fingerprints or biometric cameras with facial recognition are two frequently used security measures that commercial businesses like to add to their secured areas. Other types include proximity and RFID keycards, mobile device readers, keypads, and network-based cloud-manageable access systems. As we’ve mentioned, our team can help you determine the best commercial security solution that will fit your needs!

Your Security Partner

Coast Technology Group takes pride in offering innovative commercial security options to Oklahomans. Chat with us below, or contact us using this form to start a conversation about your security needs.

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