Learn How to Use Your New Lighting Control System

A closeup of a Lutron lighting control system keypad above a kitchen countertop next to a door and window.

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A lighting control system gives homeowners the power of light at their fingertips. One-touch control of practically any fixture, preset lighting scenes according to a designated schedule, and an all-around more comfortable, convenient, and luxurious feeling at home is possible!

Keep reading below to discover a few must-have features of a smart lighting control system that you need to be using in your Bentonville, AR, home!

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What Does a Lighting Control System Do?

Lighting control systems give the power of natural and artificial lighting in an instant, and all homeowners need to do is press a button or icon. Adjust lights and shades individually or simultaneously using your favorite smart device, voice control, remote, or a customized wall keypad. On, off, dimmed, brightened, raised, or lowered – your home can look its best and make your life more comfortable with an intuitive and professionally designed system by Coast Technology Group.

Shade Control

So, you’re lounging in the living room reading a book from your favorite author, and suddenly you start to feel warm and find yourself squinting at the page in front of you. The sun shines brightly through the window, and the glare is too much to continue reading comfortably. Instead of losing your cozy spot on the sofa, simply pull out your smartphone or tablet to lower the shades. There’s no need to lower them all the way because you can find the perfect shade position and room lighting levels using the slider and arrow functions in the Lutron app. See what we’re talking about here:

Apple Widgets

Having a quick and easy way to tap into your favorite apps’ settings is a great Apple feature. If you’re big on app widgets, then you won’t want to miss setting those up. Swipe and tap to easily manage rooms, fixtures, and more within seconds. Watch this: 

Beyond Lighting

Though a comprehensive smart home automation system can manage all of your home’s devices, some homeowners don’t need a fully-fledged smart home system, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of managing their Sonos audio from the convenience of their lighting control system platform. Yes, we just said that your lighting control system could manage more than lights and shades. Discover how it’s possible in this video:

More Tips and Tricks

If you want to manage your system with a simple voice command or turn off all the lights in the house at the same time, you can! All it takes is a few simple swipes of your finger to set everything up. Take a look at how to do that below: 

Your Control System Partner

Whether you’d like to manage the lights and shades in one room or across the entire house, Coast Technology Group can help. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here to start a conversation!

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