Learn How to Use Your New Lighting Control System

A closeup of a Lutron lighting control system keypad above a kitchen countertop next to a door and window.

Coast Technology Group Covers Frequently Asked Questions in this Blog! A lighting control system gives homeowners the power of light at their fingertips. One-touch control of practically any fixture, preset lighting scenes according to a designated schedule, and an all-around more comfortable, convenient, and luxurious feeling at home is possible! Keep reading below to discover…

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What Is Circadian Lighting?      

How This Innovative Lighting Solution Affects Your Mood and Enhances Your Home Have you ever walked into someone’s home and the lighting was “off?” Too bright in the evenings or too dim in the middle of the day? Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence in many homes – the lighting is wrong! Luckily, there’s a solution…

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