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Learning the ins and outs of a new smart home system is essential, from figuring out how to remotely access your security camera footage to programming smart scenes to make daily routines a breeze. Still, it can seem daunting without the right tools or resources. Luckily, with Coast Technology Group as your trusted Savant dealer, you have a local Tulsa, OK, partner that offers comprehensive technical knowledge and support when you need it.

Below and on our website, we offer basic troubleshooting steps and highlight several features you may not have realized are available with your Savant smart home automation system. Take a look!

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Always At the Ready

Wondering which subsystems in your home are currently on and running at any given moment? All you need to do is take a quick glance at the Savant app’s home screen to determine the details. If you see a dot next to the icon, then the service is operating, and the most recently used system in the room will show up on the front left of the status bar. Press and hold the icon for quick adjustments or tap the icon for more in-depth options. Take a look for yourself in this Savant Tips and Tricks video.

Custom Remote Settings

In addition to on-wall keypads and tabletop touch panel displays, you can control your Savant smart home with a smart remote, too. The Savant Pro Remote X2 is a sleek, customizable universal remote with a touch interface and tactile buttons. Everyone in the house can have their own personalized interface, and the kids’ interface is passcode-protected, so they can’t change settings without parental permission. The video below explains how to create interfaces, edit them, lockdown settings, create quick scenes, and more!

Smart Lighting

Lighting sets the perfect tone for every occasion. You can adjust circadian lighting and other smart lighting within your home with a few swipes and taps of your finger on a smart device! Kitchen lights change effortlessly to a bright, white tone to illuminate the countertops, stove, and cutting board for increased safety. Turn on the pool lights to create a fun mood at your next pool party with friends, or change the living room’s ambiance to a cozy, incandescent glow in the early evening. Learn how in the video below.

Schedule a Consultation

In addition to our extensive online Savant tutorials, we provide service plans for our Oklahoma customers, so you can always rest easy knowing Coast Technology Group is here for you and your technology needs.

Connect with us now to schedule a consultation for your new or upgraded smart home. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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