Easy Distributed Audio Options for Oklahoma Businesses

Distributed Audio Changes the Way You Listen to Music and More!

From restaurants to retail stores to office suites, having the power of distributed audio at your fingertips can change the mood in an instant! Upbeat pop songs softly playing in the background add pep to shoppers’ days, encouraging them to enjoy their shopping experience at your Oklahoma City store. In a restaurant, smooth musical notes dampen the murmurs of lunch and dinner conversations, making them less overwhelming.

Take a look at our blog below to learn more about what it would be like to have the effortless luxury of a distributed audio system at your business establishment!

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Whether you’re a big country fan of Garth or prefer the rock notes of The Flaming Lips, a distributed audio system from Coast Technology Group can change the way you control audio in your OKC business. With Sonos products, you have the power of high-performance sound in wireless speakers that fit many uses.

For areas with less square footage, such as the break room or a manager’s office, a single Sonos One is the perfect speaker for room-filling sound, even with its small footprint. Add a second One to create stereo sound for a low-cost conference room meeting solution. For a more robust and hidden distributed audio solution, Coast Technology Group can even design a bespoke audio system that features in-ceiling speakers that hide away in plain sight.

For restaurants with outdoor patio areas, improve sound quality by incorporating the Outdoor Set from Sonos. These weatherproof speakers are powered by the Sonos Amp and pair detailed sound quality with craftsmanship that can withstand the outdoor elements.

A Comprehensive AV System

Have you ever witnessed your employees struggling with finding the correct remote to adjust the audio or TV settings? Using one comprehensive AV distribution system empowers staff and reduces frustration, thanks to having an intuitive, easy-to-use system that manages all of your company’s technology solutions with a single platform.

In an office setting, employees can walk into the conference room and tap a button on an on-table touchscreen. Suddenly, their computer wirelessly connects, and the large screen TV display at the front of the room is ready for a Zoom presentation. Everyone in the room, and the meeting attendees connected via Zoom, can see and hear everyone clearly.

In a sports bar, whenever patrons ask to change the TV channel to play a different sports game or to adjust the volume in a private reserved room, your employees can control the AV settings using a smart universal remote or an on-wall touch screen display.

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