Commercial Security Systems Protect Your Business

High-Performance Solutions for Security, Surveillance, and Peace of Mind

Daily business operations and customer service are paramount in any industry, but protecting your business, whether you’re in Bentonville, AR, Oklahoma City, or beyond, is an enormous undertaking for any owner or manager. 

With a commercial security system, you can take the headache out of securing your company’s sensitive records, maintaining property and inventory security, and ensuring your staff members’ safety. Keep scrolling below to learn more about how you can protect what matters most.

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Protect Property

From store entrances to warehouses to office lobbies and beyond, protecting the interior and exterior of your commercial property is always top-of-mind for business owners. With high-performance security cameras and motion sensors placed on the perimeter and throughout your property or building, you’ll be able to discern what is friend and what is foe. 

Individuals caught loitering outside your entrances will trigger an alert that is sent to your smartphone, so that you can log in and view live footage of the potential threat. These AI-enabled cameras are intelligent enough to discern the difference between a human and an animal scurrying across the parking lot. And with remote monitoring services, our team helps you monitor and respond to critical security incidents when you’re unavailable or miss an alert.

Protect Employees

Another essential component of commercial security and surveillance systems is access control. Server rooms, storage areas, and other employee-only spaces should be locked down and only accessible by those with the proper security clearance. Preventing customers and even previously terminated employees from re-entering staff-only spaces ensures your business and investments remain safe with unique user-specific entry codes and biometric readers. 

Add surveillance cameras with cloud-based storage, and business owners can view live and previously recorded footage from the convenience of their smartphones even when they aren’t onsite themselves. Pair this surveillance footage with entry and attempted access data, and you’ll be armed with powerful information in case any incidents arise.

Protect Data

Business data is often overlooked when discussing commercial security, but minimizing cyber security risks is imperative in modern business. Your business collects client identities, credit card numbers, and other valuable digital information every day, and it all needs to be appropriately stored. With a well-designed and expertly installed commercial network, your essential data assets are protected with high-end encryption and reliable backup storage for potential disaster recovery. 

Coast Technology Group understands that the security of your business is important. To start a conversation about your commercial security and surveillance needs, connect with us using our online form to get started!