Distributed Audio Makes Listening Easier Than Ever

One-Tap Control Over Your Favorite Music and More – Learn How, Here!

Imagine walking into the kitchen, hearing a song you love, then sending that song to any room of the house with a simple tap of your finger! Or being able to control the audio source you’re listening to, adjust the volume, and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone or an on-wall keypad. It’s possible with a distributed audio system from Coast Technology Group!

Keep scrolling below to learn how you can transform your listening experiences throughout your Tulsa, OK property.

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Everyone Can Listen

With a distributed audio setup, one intuitive user interface lets you manage all of your audio sources, speakers, and listening zones with a few simple taps and swipes of your finger. No matter which room of the house you’re in, the same system controls it all.

The kids can listen to their favorite pop playlist in the game room while you listen to classic rock in your media room. At your next party, you can synchronize every speaker throughout the house – including outdoors – to play the same music for a cohesive entertainment experience.

Pick Your Favorites

If you need to move from the media room to the kitchen to prepare dinner, press the Pause button on the on-wall touchscreen or your smartphone in the media room. Walk to the kitchen, press Play on your smartphone or smart tablet, then pull out the ingredients and utensils your need to start working on your best recipes. One audio system that can control everything you want to listen to? It’s a convenient way to live your life!

Outdoor Listening

Just because the days get cooler doesn’t mean you have to move all of your activities indoors. You can still enjoy your outdoor entertainment by the firepit during the chilly months. Satellite speakers that dot your landscaping and under-eave patio speakers are designed to withstand the cold, heat, sun, rain, and insects without sacrificing sound quality or corroding. Press a button on your favorite smart device to send the audio of the big game you’re watching on the outdoor TV to every corner of the yard!

We Strive for Excellence

One of our guiding principles is to always strive for Great instead of simply settling for Good. We proudly offer our Tulsa-area clients a white-glove experience, whether their project includes distributed audio or tunable lighting.

To connect with our team for questions or schedule an in-home consultation, fill out our contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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